Tibetan Princess in Hollywood

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by Alex Luu, in Yolk (2001) 41(4) “I never dreamt I would be acting,” Lhakpa Tsamchoe says. “I was just taking some computer classes after my college graduation and this casting agent approached me.” Tsamchoe, starring in the new Kino International release Himalaya, is reminiscing about her “accidental” tripp into the Hollywood spotlight a few years ago, when she was plucked out of obscurity while dancing with friends at a disco to star opposite Brad Pitt in Seven Years In Tibet. As happenstance as it may sound, Tsamchoe’s journey to Hollywood is anything but accidental. Talk to her more than a few minutes and a closer glimpse into her history reveals a higher force at hand, a spiritual guidance if you will, that has steered Tsamchoe’s life. When Tsamchoe speaks, there is an undeniable tone of world-weariness in her deep voice, yet her incredibly large eyes dance [...]